The International 
House of ZZYZX

Graphic by Leslie "Lolly" Harpold. Original photo by Karen "Violet" Hocking

In which the mysteries of the universe are explained

And much time can be wasted...

(or something like that)


IHOZ is a proud supporter of
Project Mockingbird

IHOZ is getting RAVE REVIEWS...or something like that.
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ZZYZX's Phish Stats!!! Stats, stats and more stats. Bet you can't eat just one. Now comes with side dishes of String Cheese Incident Stats and Day By the River Stats




IHOZ has very exacting standards when it comes to beverages. We have recently expanded our selections though to promote our sponsor.


In order to concentrate on the quality of our entrees, IHOZ is forced to farm out our desserts. This does not mean that we are not concerned about quality. IHOZ only uses products from the finest bakers