Do you get the impression that this is not my favourite road? :)

For those who do not know, Bud Shuster wanted to have an Interstate to service Altoona, PA. Not only did he demand it not be called I-980, but he wrote into law that it would called a number that he thought was kind of nifty. Do I have to rant about how I-99 should be east of I-97; it's west of I-81 for that matter. As if it's not enough that he got to use a valuable two digit number to serve the oh-so-busy Wingate-Altoona corridor, as if it's not enough that he got the bloody thing named after him, he also got to choose the number. (In case you were wondering, no other Interstate has its designation written into law.) It's not like this couldn't remain numbered US 220 for that matter, but Bud needed that pork money.

Eventually this sucker will go up at least as far as I-80

Now for those of you who think I'm a tad on the fanatical side about this alleged interstate highway, you should either read misc.transport.road (a favourite suggestion of mine was that Bud should be tied down to the surface and run over, a la a turn of the century movie. However, the lack of traffic volume on this road would most likely give the "hero" way too much time to save him) or the Stop I-99 page. Trust me, I am quite mild.

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